Teljing av heiðafuglinum í Norðarahaga norðaraparti í Skúvoynni ígjøgnum summarið 2022

Translated title of the thesis: Counting of the outfield birds of Norðarahaga norðarari partur throughout the summer of 2022

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Most of the bird census in the Faroes has been on the island Skúvoy and it is planned to continue to get longtime series, and it is therefore important that they are as reliable as possible. Normally bird populations are recorded as breeding pairs but it is very time consuming to find the nests of birds that are breeding in the outfield. The number of pairs is therefore estimated from the behavior of the birds, but this can be difficult as the behavior depends on the breeding status, e.g. whether the birds are sitting on eggs or have fledged chicks. Therefore, often the total number of birds in an area is used as a proxy for the population. To investigate this the birds of Norðaraparti in Norðarahaga on Skúvoy were counted about every 14th days during the summer 2022 from May 14 to August 19. The number of most of the bird species fluctuated much during the summer but it was most stable when the birds were sitting on eggs or had small chicks.
Date of Award2022
Original languageFaroese
SupervisorEyðfinn Magnussen (Supervisor)

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