Workshop on the Faroese Ecoregion Aquaculture Overview

  • Ojaver, Henn (PI)
  • á Norði, Gunnvør (PI)
  • Angalt, Ann-Lisbeth (PI)
  • Cooper, Anne (PI)
  • Briesemeister, Ena (PI)
  • Dam, Rúni (PI)
  • Gaard, Eilif (PI)
  • Jensen, Katrin H (PI)
  • Laksá, Unn (PI)
  • Laksáfoss, Magni (PI)
  • Mørkøre, Birna (PI)

Project Details


An ICES workshop that serves the ground for the Aquaculture Overview for Faroes ecoregion.
2022/WK/ASG04 Workshop on the Faroes ecoregion Aquaculture Overview (WKFaroesAO)
chaired by Gunnvør á Nordi, Faroe Islands, and Henn Ojaveer, ICES, will be established and
meet (hybrid meeting) in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands during 31 May–2 June 2022 to:
a ) Review and discuss the data and information collected for the Faroes ecoregion aquaculture overview, identify the gaps and agree next steps to complete the draft overview;
b ) Collate datasets and resources for the aquaculture overview by completing the ICES
Data Profiling Tool (; and
c ) Produce a workshop report detailing the conclusions of ToRs a and b. This report
will serve as the foundation for the Faroes ecoregion aquaculture overview.
WKFaroesAO will report by 21 of October 2022 for the attention of the ACOM. The ADG will
take place in early 2023
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/03/23


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  • Workshop on the Faroes ecoregion Aquaculture Overview

    á Norði, G. (Chair), Ojaver, H. (Chair), Angalt, A.-L. (Participant), Cooper, A. (Participant), Kvaavik, C. (Participant), Briesemeister, E. (Participant), Dam, R. (Participant), Gaard, E. (Participant), Jensen, K. H. (Participant), Laksá, U. (Participant), Laksáfoss, M. (Participant) & Mørkøre, B. (Participant)

    30 May 20223 Jun 2022

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