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The project is funded by the Centre for Advanced Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. My project is on medieval Faroese ballads, which are long dance narratives. The ballad heritage of the Faroe Islands and the storytelling tradition it preserves from the Middle Ages is a unique and living tradition – the ballads are still sung and danced to today. The medieval ballads from the Faroe Islands are part of the Old Norse cultural world and are an unexplored source of stories about heroes and their exploits. Different forms of these stories are also preserved in other Germanic national literatures, for example in Icelandic sagas and in Swedish and Norwegian carvings — the legends go across borders and across media. Focusing on three of the long ballads about the hero Sjúrður Fávnisbani, my project will analyse the place of the Faroese ballads in their wider cultural context in the medieval North.
Effective start/end date1/08/2130/06/23


  • Ballads
  • Faroe Islands


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