PardNor: PARameters for ingestion Dose models for NORdic areas

  • Nielsen, Sven Poul (PI)
  • Andersson, Kasper G. (PI)
  • Thørring, Håvard (CoI)
  • Solheim Hansen, Hanne (CoI)
  • Joensen, Hans Pauli (CoI)
  • Isaksson, Mats (CoI)
  • Kostiainen, Eila (CoI)
  • Suolanen, Vesa (CoI)
  • Pálsson, Sigurður Emil (CoI)
  • Sigurgeirsson, Magnús Á. (CoI)

Project Details


(NKS-201) PardNor: Parameters for Ingestion Dose Models for Nordic Areas PardNor addressed shortcomings in modelling of ingestion doses for Nordic decision support. Nordic preparedness authorities apply in principle either the ARGOS or the RODOS decision support system for consequence prognoses and optimization of countermeasure strategies. In both of these systems the integrated ingestion dose module is identical with the ECOSYS model developed in Germany shortly after the Chernobyl accident. However, a review has revealed that a number of ECOSYS parameters do not reflect the current state-of-the-art knowledge, and do not adequately represent Nordic conditions. Default ECOSYS parameters produce ingestion doses in Nordic areas that can be wrong by orders of magnitude. In PardNor new data were collected, thus enabling reliable use of ECOSYS scenarios involving contamination of Nordic food production areas. Analyses have been performed for each Nordic country to determine the sensitivity of the ingestion dose end-point in ECOSYS to variation in 9 selected, potentially important parameters (components of human diet and animal fodder). This parametric sensitivity was found to vary considerably between the Nordic countries, reflecting considerable differences in diet and domestic production, and highlighting the importance of identifying appropriate location-specific parameters. The conditions for deposition and interception to vegetation would over a certain time span be very different in different Nordic areas. Also the in fluence on ECOSYS dose estimates of resuspension enrichment factors, leaching rates, fixation rates and desorption rates was investigated, identifying new data sets where needed.
Short titlePARDNOR
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/09


  • Foodchain modelling
  • ingestion dose
  • transfer factors
  • radioactive contamination


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